The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce is constantly working to provide valuable benefits to its members.

Business Builds Business.

By connecting you to other business leaders, the Chamber creates a stronger, more dynamic business information climate. The Chamber's network is the central value-added for our members. Your Chamber of Commerce also connects you to important work on community issues that will allow your talent to shine and your efforts to create a greater quality of life.

Through advocacy and action, leadership and accountability, our Chamber of Commerce helps the community focus on building a strong climate of growth, success and opportunity.

Current benefits include:

  •  Seminars - Periodically, the Chamber hosts seminars on topics that affect the local business community. 
  •  New Business Ribbon Cutting - The Chamber offers a free Ribbon Cutting Ceremony or Plaque Presentation for new members. 
  •  Business Promotion - Through the Chamber website and newsletters, members have the opportunity to include information about their businesses. 
  •  Networking Coffees - Members have the opportunity to host a Networking Coffee and promote their business to other Chamber members.   
  •  Newcomer and Industrial Partner Packets 
  •  Statistical Data, Guidebooks, Tourism Info & Directories 
  •  Small Business Administration Packets (via U.S. Small Business Administration) 
  •  Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) Seminars & Counseling 
  •  Business Enterprise Resource Office (BERO) Seminars & Counseling 

Chamber membership is offered at voluntary levels of investment. Members receive the benefit of our monthly networking events, business improvement resources and special rates on promotions.   


Out of County-  $200     = Plaque presentation, press release, event invitations, guidebook & web listings

 Individual- $75     = Plaque, presentation, press release, event invitations, guidebook & web listings

Non-Profit- $100     = Plaque, presentation, press release, event invitations, guidebook & web listings

 Bronze-     $150   = Ribbon-cutting, plaque, press release, event invitations, guidebook & web listings

 Silver-       $250     = Golf Hole Sponsor($100 value) + $25 Expo Table discount (= $75 table) ($100 value)

 Gold-        $500     =Golf Corp. Sponsor($250 value) + $50 Expo Table discount(= $50 table) ($100 value)

 Platinum-   $800    = Cost free Expo Table and 3 month rotating banner ad on Chamber website 

 Diamond-  $1200  = 9 month rotating website banner ad( = 1 yr)


        $1800     = Chamber Lobby, Coffee, Spring Luncheon and Pig Roast Sponsor Placards

 Citadel-                $2500     = Reserved Annual Coffee 

 Champion-           $5000     = Full pg. (biennial) Guidebook ad or Premium Map Ad (every 5 yrs)

 Voice & Vision-   $10,000  = Nomination for special Board Member seat 

*Partners Logo on Chamber homepage AND listing on exclusive Partner Page on Chamber website
**Partnerships beyond 10K negotiable
***Additional sponsorship available for traditional members at specified events
****Bronze level for out of town memberships are $200

Click here to submit information to join.