Campbell County School System

Providing an Environment for a Lifetime of Learning.

A team of dedicated teachers and employees make up the Campbell County School System. They are committed to the growth and safety of the students and to providing the highest quality of education. The system's educators strive to continually maintain and monitor the educational process that provides an environment for a lifetime of learning.

The school system serves a population of forty thousand (40,000) and a student population of six thousand five hundred (6,500). Within the system there are eleven (11) elementary schools, two (2) middle schools, two (2) comprehensive secondary schools, one (1) alternative school, and the adult high school. A ten-member school board, elected by district, and an appointed Director of Schools govern the school system. Funding for the school system comes from federal, state, and local taxes and revenue. Tax rates for education programs are controlled by a fifteen (15) member County Commission, which is also elected by district.

The following goals have been established for the school system:
  • Campbell County students will score above state average on all state tests.   
  • Our system will provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum to all students.   
  • All students will learn at the optimum rate according to their ability.   
  • All students will develop the life skills necessary to be productive members of a global society.   
  • All students will learn in a positive environment with a commitment toward addressing issues of student behavior.   
  • Student learning will be facilitated by an appropriately supported, flexible, and responsive staff who has a willingness to make organizational changes that will benefit students.   
  • Student learning will be facilitated by flexible, responsible, and accountable governance and leadership.   
  • Our school system will use a comprehensive student assessment systems that evaluates both conceptual and factual knowledge, giving the students the opportunity to apply what they have learned.   
  • Our school system will provide a safe school environment by giving students the opportunity to be responsible and accountable.   
  • Students learning will be the responsibility of students, families, community, and the school system.

Approximately four hundred and sixty (460) professionally degreed personnel are employed by the school system. Seventy-five percent (75%) of those educators have a Masters level degree or higher. With over six thousand five hundred (6,500) students in the county. Campbell County High School is one of the states largest 9-12 schools with over one thousand four hundred (1,400) students.

For more information, visit the Campbell County Board of Education web site.