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Campbell County Cemeteries 

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ADKINS CEMETERY - located in Norris dam State Park near Ranger's resident.
ADKINS CEMETERY - in the Oak Grove Subdivision - Oak Grove Area 
ANDREWS CEMETERY - Andrews Trail in Norris Dam State Park 
AYERS CEMETERY (also known as Hansford Walden Cemetery)- lower Stinking Creek - 5 m. from 25W on left 
AYERS CEMETERY - off Adams Hollow Road in Stinking Creek 
BAILEY CEMETERY - abt. 2 miles from hwy 63 on Flat Hollow Road
BAIRD CEMETERY - south of Loop Road in LaFollette 
BAIRD CEMETERY - Elk Valley area off old Elk Valley Road 
BAKER'S FORGE CEMETERY - 6 m. south of LaFollette on Demory Rd.
BEECH FORK CEMETERY - near Beech Fork Church, Beech Fork Rd. 
BETHLEHEM CEMETERY - Bethlehem Church, SE of LaFollette 
BLACK CEMETERY - Appalachian Hwy. & Hwy.63 on Mullens Farm
BLACK CEMETERY - Fall Creek Road in Caryville
BLACK CEMETERY - ¾ m. s. of LaFollette on Long Hollow Road
BLACK CEMETERY - Woolridge Road across from Douglas Cemetery
BLACK CEMETERY - Doakes Creek Rd. and Appalachian Highway 
BLACK-FOUST CEMETERY - on Lee Richardson farm in Pinecrest
BOLINGER CEMETERY - Rock Creek Rd. in the Rock Creek area 
BOLINGER CEMETERY - 1 m. west of Clinch & Powell Rivers on Pensinula
BOLTON CEMETERY - Little White Oak across from Campbell Cemetery 
BOWLIN CEMETERY - ½ mile from Highcliff Bridge on Hwy. 25W 
BOWLING CEMETERY - Highway 63 in Turley 
BOWMAN CEMETERY - Bowman Lane In Wells Springs 
BOYD CEMETERY - Boyd Lane between Well Springs & Valley View 
BROYLES CEMETERY - Off Stinking Creek Road 
BULLOCK CEMETERY - on mountain in Stony Fork Community 
BURRIS CEMETERY - Norris Freeway across from Island Ford Road
BURRIS CEMETERY - West End of Loop Road, LaFollette
BYRGE CEMETERY - New River section of Campbell County 
CAMPBELL CEMETERY - Little White Oak across from Bolton Cemetery 
CAMPBELL CEMETERY - top of the mountain in Rock Creek area
CAMPBELL MEMORIAL GARDENS - Memorial Dr. off Towe String Rd.
CAREY CEMETERY - Butter and Egg Road West in Caryville
CARR CEMETERY - Carr Farm on Loop Road in White Oak
CARROLL CEMETERY - on mountain north of Butter & Egg Road
CARROLL-ATKINS CEMETERY - 1 m. from Fellowship Church in Shea
CARROLL (JOHN) CEMETERY - between Red Oak Mt. And Beech Fork
CARSON CEMETERY - Pleasant Ridge Church in Pleasant Ridge area 
CASEY CEMETERY - Glady Ridge in Archer Center 
CHADWELL CEMETERY - White Oak/Duff Roads - White Oak area 
CHADWELL CEMETERY - Coolidge Elementary School area 
CHILDRESS CEMETERY - Rogers Road in Wells Springs near Childress home 
CHILDRESS CEMETERY - High Point on TVA property in Bethlehem 
CLOTFELTER CEMETERY - Mt. Paren Road, near church
COOPER'S VIEW CEMETERY - 1 m. from Indian Creek Baptist Church 
CUMBERLAND VIEW CEMETERY - churchyard of church



DABNEY CEMETERY - Shown Hollow Road in Pinecrest 
DAUGHERTY CEMETERY - Ridge Rd. in Caryville on Wm. Daugherty farm
DAVIS CEMETERY - s. of hwy. 25w and w of Queener Lane - Cove Lake
DAVIS CEMETERY - n. of hwy 25W between Vasper and Lake City 
DAVIS CEMETERY - Big Four Mountain in Branam area Stinking Creek 
DAVIS CHAPEL CEMETERY - N. of Davis Chapel Primitive Baptist Church 
DELAP CEMETERY - Jacksboro Pike n. of Roses Store
DISNEY CEMETERY - S. on Hwy. 25W Norris Junction near Lake City 
DISNEY CEMETERY - Highway 25W & gravel Road in Lake City
DOSSETT CEMETERY - 1 m. south of Elm Grove Baptist Church Hwy. 63 
DOUGLAS CEMETERY - Crouches Creek in Jellico
DOUGLAS CEMETERY - Highway 297 near Jellico Radio Station
DOUGLAS CEMETERY - Oswego, Tennessee (Jellico area)
DOUGLAS CEMETERY - behind Campbell County Baptist Assn. Bldg.
DYKE CEMETERY - Pine Grove Baptist Church & Flat Hollow Road 
ELK FORK CEMETERY - churchyard of Elk Fork Baptist Church - Elk Valley 
ELKINS CEMETERY - Fletcher Brown Hollow Road in Pinecrest 
EVANS-WOODS CEMETERY - Butter & Egg Road -Caryville
FINCASTLE CEMETERY - Highway 63 churchyard of Fincastle Methodist 
FLAT HOLLOW CEMETERY - 3-1/2 m. from Hwy 63 on Flat Hollow Road
FORD CEMETERY - Powder Mill Hollow - Victory community 
FOX CEMETERY - Whistle Creek Road in Newcomb



GAYLOR CEMETERY - Off Pinecrest Road 
GAYLOR CEMETERY - Upper Stinking Creek at Orange Branch
GIBSON CEMETERY - Upper Stinking Creek on Stinking Creek Road 
GLADE SPRINGS CEMETERY - churchyard of Glade Springs Baptist Church 
GOINS CEMETERY - Sweat Road off Victory Road in Alder Springs 
GOINS CEMETERY - 2 m. SE of Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church 
GOINS CEMETERY - About .3 mile SE of Bethlehem Baptist Church 
GRANTSBORO CEMETERY - Near Grantsboro Missionary Baptist Church 
GREEN CEMETERY - End of Green Lane between Well Spring & Valley View
GREEN CEMETERY - Pine Grove Baptist Church - Flat Hollow Road 
GROSS CEMETERY - near Pinecrest Elementary School, Pinecrest Road
GROSS CEMETERY - Steep ridge above Joe Beeler's home in Cave Springs
HACKLER CEMETERY - near Indian Mountain State Park, Jellico 
HALL CEMETERY - Lower Stinking Creek off Stinking Creek Road
HARMON CEMETERY - Norris Dam State Park 
HARNESS (ADAM) CEMETERY - Nicks Creek between Shea & Smoky Junction
HARNESS CEMETERY - s. of Hwy 25W & w. of Cove Lake
HATFIELD CEMETERY - Stinking Creek Road & Adams Hollow Road 
HATMAKER CEMETERY - Off Pinecrest Road 
HATMAKER CEMETERY - W. of Gransboro Church at Flint Hill 
HAYES CEMETERY - On Geo. G. Hayes farm Bowman Lane, Well Spring 
HICKS CEMETERY - Newcomb, Tennessee 
HICKS CEMETERY - 6 M. south off Demory Road in LaFollette
HILL CEMETERY - Pleasant Ridge Road near Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
HOLT CEMETERY - Coal Road in Couches Creek Area off 25W in Jellico 
HOUSLEY CEMETERY - On the Coolidge Road
HUDDLESTON (OLD) CEMETERY - White Oak on Huddleston Place 
HUDDLESTON CEMETERY - Jellico near the Kentucky Fried Chicken 
HUTSON CEMETERY - on ridge above the Old Indian Creek Cemetery
HYSLOPE CEMETERY - Near exit of Hwy 25W and I-75 in Jellico 
INDIAN CREEK CEMETERY - grounds of Indian Creek Baptist Church 
INDIAN MOUND CEMETERY - near Jacksboro Middle School
INDIAN MOUND CEMETERY - Under Jack Cliffs off the Little White Oak road
INMAN CEMETERY - Ward Branch, Clinchmore, Tennessee
IVEY CEMETERY - Off Victory Road 
IVYDELL CEMETERY - Ivydell Road off Hwy 25W n. of LaFollette 



JACKSBORO CEMETERY - Across from Jacksboro Elementary School
JELLICO CEMETERY - South Main Street and Florence Ave. Jellico
JONES CEMETERY - South of Bethlehem Baptist Church 
JONES CEMETERY - Red Oak Church in gap of Red Oak Mountain 
KEATHLEY CEMETERY - Back Valley Road in LaFollette 
KEMPLEN CEMETERY - Eagan Road and Roses Creek Road
KING I CEMETERY and KING II Cemetery - Archer Center 
LAMBDIN CEMETERY - Sled Creek Road, Little White Oak area 
LAWSON CEMETERY - Lawson Mountain top of Turkey Pen Ridge
LEACH CEMETERY - Near Pine Grove Baptist Church in Flat Hollow
LEACH (MACK) CEMETERY - On Claiborne Farm, Originally Leach
LEACH CEMETERY - Eagan and Roses Creek Road, Eagan, Tn. 
LITTLE ELK CEMETERY - Little Elk Valley Road in Newcomb 
LOCUST STUMP CEMETERY - Big Fork Road in Big Fork Mountain
LONGMIRE CEMETERY - Longmire property in Coolidge 
LOVELY CEMETERY - near Ridgewood Baptist Church, Cherry Bottom 
LOWE CEMETERY - Hwy. 63 between Block & Turley 
LOWE CEMETERY - 6 M. from Hwy. 25W on Stinking Creek Road 



MACEDONIA CEMETERY - near Macedonia Baptist Church 
MADISON CEMETERY - Off Tanglewood Road in Caryville
MARLOW CEMETERY - near Primroy Missionary Baptist Church 
MARLOW CEMETERY - Off Loop Road in White Oak community
MARLOW (REUBEN) CEMETERY - Brookside, Shea and Nicks Creek 
MARLOW CEMETERY - Twin Cove Road 6 miles from Caryville
MARLOW CEMETERY - Beech Fork Road near Beech Fork Cemetery 
MAUPIN CEMETERY - Appalachian Hwy. & Doakes Cr. , Well Spring
MAXWELL CEMETERY - S. of Hwy. 63 on Flat Hollow Road 
McGHEE CEMETERY - Queener Road near Caryville Disposal Plant
McGHEE CEMETERY - Beech Fork Road in Pee Wee Community
McGHEE (JOHN C.) CEMETERY - Nicks Creek, Shea & Smokey Junction
McGHEE (THOMAS) CEMETERY - Nicks Creek at Beech Fork
MELVIN CEMETERY - Stinking Creek in Melvin Community 
MEREDITH CEMETERY - Upper Stinking Creek Road near I-75 
MILLER CEMETERY - Appalachian Hwy & Doakes Creek Fish Hatchery 
MT. PARAN CEMETERY - By the Mt. Paran Missionary Baptist Church 
MT. ZION CEMETERY - Mt. Zion Methodist Church - Towe String Road.
Hollifield Cemetery was once a part of Mt. Zion Cemetery but has been fenced off and renamed.
MURRAYVILLE BAPTIST CEMETERY - churchyard near Norris Lake 
MYERS CEMETERY - 1 m. NE of LaFollette Middle School 
NELSON CEMETERY - SE of Jacksboro on Mt. Paran Road 
NEWCOMB CEMETERY - Newcomb, Tennessee 
NICKS CREEK CEMETERY - front of Nicks Creek Missionary Church 
OAK GROVE CEMETERY - churchyard of Oak Grove Missionary Church
ODD FELLOWS CEMETERY - Little White Oak Road 
ORICK CEMETERY - Back of Owens Country Mart in Coolidge 
OWENS CEMETERY - Tussy Cut near Morley 
OWENS-CLAIBORNE CEMETERY - E of LaFollette on Claiborne Farm



PARKER CEMETERY - Powder Mill Hollow 
PARROTT CEMETERY - Highway 63 on James Marshall Parrott farm
PEABODY CEMETERY - E. of Hwy. 25W on Peabody Mountain 
PERKINS CEMETERY - On Jim Creek in Chaska at Harley Reese's farm 
PERKINS CEMETERY - Along the Clearfork River at High Cliff Bridge
PERKINS CEMETERY - Road 197 to Newcomb on Hoot Owl Hollow Rd. 
PHILLIPS CEMETERY - New River Road above Fellowship Baptist Church 
PHILLIPS (JIM) CEMETERY - Red Oak Mt. Near Red Oak Gap Church 
PHILLIPS (LINK) CEMETERY - Red Oak Mt. Near red Oak Gap Church
PICKLE CEMETERY - Near Vasper Baptist Church & Ridgewood School 
POND CEMETERY - Grantsboro near Grantsboro Missionary Baptist 
QUEENER CEMETERY - SW of Jacksboro on Mt. Paran Road 
QUEENER CEMETERY - Cherry Bottom Road 
RAINS CEMETERY - Twin Cove Dock near Norris Reservoir and is
located on an island just from the boat dock 
RAINS CEMETERY - Shady Cove Lake
RAINS GROVE CEMETERY - Twin Grove Community
RED CUT CEMETERY - Stanfield Community - near Habersham 
REYNOLDS CEMETERY - Stinking Creek Road in Upper Stinking Creek 
ROBBINS CEMETERY - Across road from Alder Springs Church 
ROGERS CEMETERY - Walnut Mountain on Loyd Shelton's property 
ROGERS CEMETERY - .3 W of Woodlawn Cemetery on Hollingsworth Farm
ROUND ROCK CEMETERY - In Round Rock off Beech Fork Road 
RUSSELL CEMETERY - Rock Creek Road off Stinking Creek Road 



SEALS CEMETERY - 1 m. S from Hwy 63 on Flat Hollow Road
SEIBER (JACKSON) CEMETERY - New River section of Shea 
SHARP CEMETERY - Adjoining LaFollette Golf Club 
SHARP CEMETERY - Near Norris Lake on Demory Road. 
SHARP CEMETERY - 2 m. S. of Demory off Grantsboro Road 
SHARP (LABAN) CEMETERY - E. LaFollette near 1st Apostolic Church
SHARP CEMETERY - Highway 25W in Caryville 
SHARP CEMETERY - Royal Blue Road off Highway 63 
SHELTON CEMETERY - on top of Walnut Mountain
SHEPHERD CEMETERY - West of Grantsboro Missionary Baptist Church 
SMITH CEMETERY - SW of Elm Bluff on Hwy. 63 near county line east 
SMITH CEMETERY - 8 m. NE of LaFollette Hwy 63. On Monday's Farm
SMITH CEMETERY - Back Valley Road in Well Spring on Mitchell Farm
SMITH (Robert C.) CEMETERY - 6 m. NE of LaFollette in front of Frontier Store 
SMITH (BENJAMIN) CEMETERY - 8 m. NE of LaFollette on Ben Smith Farm 
SMITH CEMETERY - Appalachian Hwy. & Doakes Creek Road 
SMITH (JOURDAN) CEMETERY - In pasture on Hwy 25W Cove Lake Park in Caryville 
STANFIELD CEMETERY - Off I-75 on Stinking Creek Road 
STANFILL CEMETERY - Stanfill Baptist Church & Elk Valley Road 
STOKES CEMETERY - Near Coolidge Elementary School 
SUNRISE CEMETERY - Across from Davis Chapel Primitive Baptist Church in
Davis Chapel Community 
SUTTON CEMETERY - 1 m. south on deadend road in Coolidge area 
SWEAT CEMETERY - W. of Tennessee State Highway Garage 
TERRY CEMETERY - Archer Center & Primroy
TERRY CREEK CEMETERY - in churchyard of Canaan Baptist Church 
TILLER-FORD CEMETERY - East of Hunters Branch and Highway 25W
TURLEY CEMETERY - Across Iron Bridge in Turley off Hwy. 63



VALLEY VIEW CEMETERY - Elk Fork Baptist Church in Elk Valley 
VASPER CEMETERY - Churchyard of Vasper Missionary Baptist Church 
VASPER (NEW) CEMETERY - ¾ M. SE of Vasper Baptist Church 
VICTORY CEMETERY - Churchyard of Victory Baptist Church 
VINSANT CEMETERY - Back of Harvey Wilson's home on Towe Spring 
WALDEN CEMETERY - On high hill off Little White Oak Road
WALDEN CEMETERY - Wheeler Road near Lick Creek Bridge off Hwy 25W 
WALDEN CEMETERY - Stinking Creek Rd. beyond Friendly Church 
WARD (PERY) CEMETERY - Wild Gap on Boot Jack Mountain
WARD (WILL) CEMETERY - Tackett Branch of the New River
WELL SPRING CEMETERY - ½ m. N of Robert's Grocery Hwy 63 
WHEELER CEMETERY - Sandy Beach & Highcliff Road Hwy. 25W 
WHEELER CEMETERY - Cove Lake State Park off Highway 25W - 
WILLOUGHBY CEMETERY - 3 m. S of Jacksobor on Pinecrest Road
WILSON CEMETERY - Off Long Hollow Road
WILSON CEMETERY - Victory Road on Rob't. Parrotts Farm 
WOODLAWN CEMETERY - West Central Avenue, LaFollette
WOODSON CEMETERY - Woodson Gap Rd. between Well Spring & Valley View 
WOODWARD CEMETERY - 7 m. S. of LaFollette on Whitman Hollow Rd.



YORK CEMETERY - Off Loop Road in Little White Oak Community
YORK CEMETERY - Stinking Creek near Walnut Grove Church 
YORK CEMETERY - Morley off Highway 25W 
YORK CEMETERY - Across from Odd Fellows Cemetery Little White Oak 


Additional Cemeteries

McCORMICK CEMETERY - Walnut Mountain just north of LaFollette
 above the old Ivydell Community
McCullah Cemetery
Daugherty Cemetery
Lowe's Gap Cemetery
Lemarr Family Cemetery
Baird's Creek Cemetery
Unknown Cemetery near Block
The above is the known listing for Campbell County cemeteries.
Below are some unnamed cemeteries in Campbell County.

In Well Spring on property owned by N. M. Reynolds
On East Forest Street in LaFollette (one of the oldest cemeteries in county)
Hugh Myers Farm between Jacksboro and Caryville
On island in the Norris Reservoir on Highway 63 in Well Spring
2 miles from Stinking Creek Road on Big Four Mountain Road
In Cotula off the Westbourne Road
On mountain across road from entrance to Sled Creek Rd. in Little White Oak
On Wells property in the Well Spring area near Campbell/Claiborne line
At end of Indian Creek Drive 
From Caryville Road on the road to right to top of Caryville Mountain
' Old Terry Creek' . To get there you turn left off of Elk Valley road just about
1/8 mile past New Canaan Baptist Church onto a narrow dirt road. They are now
 building subdivided lots on the mountain beside it, but the old road veers away from
 this mountain subdivision and heads into a hollow called Old Terry Creek.